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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions
1)  What is your CAGE code?

Product Information
    1)  Where do I get product manuals?
    2)  Where do I get product data sheets?
    3)  Where do I get a copy of your warranty?

Safety Issues
    1)  Do I need to wear safety goggles to protect my eyes when working with fiber optics?
    2)  Do I need to wear laser safety goggles?

System Design Questions
    1)  Why and where are fiber optics used?
    2)  How do I design a Fiber optic transmission system?
    3)  What are the basic advantages of a fiber optic transmission system?
    4)  What kinds of fiber optic cables are available and how rugged are they?
    5)  What are the common type of fiber optic connectors?
    6)  What are the limitations of optical fiber?
    7)  Where do I get product outlines?
    8)  Can I use 50 / 125 micron fiber for multimode systems?
    9)  Can the units function in a Vacuum chamber?
  10)  What are the terminal blocks connectors?
  11)  How do I hook up multiple units to a single power supply?

Multi-Mode vs Single-Mode Fiber
    1)  How do I know what type of fiber I need?
    2)  What is the difference between multimode and single mode fiber?
    3)  Should I install single-mode or multimode fiber?
    4) I already have single-mode fiber installed, but I am only going a short distance,
         can I use lower cost multimode equipment?

    5)  Can ST connectors be utilized instead of FCPC for single-mode fiber?
    6)  What is the maximum distance fiber optic transmitters can operate at?

Troubleshooting questions

Have a question that is not listed?  Please call or email so we can help you out.

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